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Many times when you hire a carpet cleaner the “experience” can be interesting to say the least. A high price and very short visit typically is what you get. Once the price is established the “cleaner” runs through the house with a cleaning wand (or some other type of equipment) and in a matter of an hour or so, he is gone … and with your hard-earned money. You stand wondering if you got a proper cleaning job. Usually, within a few weeks the carpets appear dingy again. This approach simply is not professional.

What you truly should get from a professional company is more than you typically might expect. It’s all in the steps. Truly professional companies explain the steps involved in the cleaning process. At Carpet Cleaning Braselton we do so much more than run through your home in order to get out quickly. We have a “steps” process.

Step 1: We pre-inspect the carpet with you;

step 2: we pre-vacuum the carpets with a commercial carpet cleaner;

step 3: We pre-treat troubled spots we saw during the pre-inspection;

step 4: we pre-spray the entire carpet with a solvent that begins to break down dirt, soils, and oil;

step 5: we scrub the carpet fibers then extract the dirt from the carpets

step 6: we re-treat spots or stains that may not have been removed during the preceding steps;

step 7: we groom the carpets with a grooming brush to add beauty and to help speed drying;

step 8: we apply after treatments (if desired);

and step 9: we conduct a post inspection.  Carpets are dry, usually, within 2 to 4 hours.

There is, without doubt, a big difference in cleaning companies. It really is “all in the steps.”

All the best!

Tony Guthrie, owner Carpet Cleaning Braselton

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