KleanEasy is the Professional Cleaning Company that honestly cares about what YOU want!!   

                   – YOU WANT your carpets as clean and fresh as they can be

– YOU WANT annoying stains to be a thing of the past

YOU WANT honest, professional service

 – YOU WANT experienced, trained, and educated carpet and upholstery experts

 – YOU WANT a company with a Positive Reputation with its customers

 – YOU WANT a company that actually cares about getting your carpet and upholstery as clean and fresh as possible

 – YOU WANT no gimmicks, no tricks, and certainly no bait and switch pricing techniques (click here for what to expect with those coupon “deals”) 

(those “Whole House cleaned for $69.95” specials – look out!!!)

 – YOU WANT and desire HONEST and FAIR price estimates.

What Makes Us Different?

The KleanEasy Experience!
No commissioned salesmen will enter your home.
The technicians will conduct the work and treat YOUR carpet as if it were their own. 
You will NOT feel as though the technicians are rushing to get out of your home and on to the next. That is a KLEANEASY distinction!

Carpets will be pre-vacuumed with a high quality commercial vacuum cleaner

 Most furniture will be moved for cleaning and replaced afterward.

  Pre-sprays will be applied to traffic and open areas. Carpets will then be thoroughly cleaned with the Von Schrader LMX machine.

Carpets will be raked and combed with a specially designed brush thereby standing the fibers upright for beauty and ease of drying.

Surfaces of wood furniture (in rooms we clean) will be dusted.

 Baseboards (in rooms we clean) will be dusted (and cleaned if necessary).

All of these actions are included in the price that is determined upon arrival or estimated by phone.


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